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There's a wealth of  books about  mindfulness and we've gathered some of our favourite books, together with some free meditation practice apps and also some lovely mindfulness poems.

You can learn more about mindfulness meditation and also discover some quick mindfulness exercises for difficult times.

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Mindful Surrey Meditations on YouTube and Soundcloud


We have two online channels! YouTube and Soundcloud.

Here you'll find some of our guided mindfulness meditations, similar to those used in our mindfulness courses.  We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for new uploads.  You can also find these meditations on our Meditations page. Do share links to any of these free meditations with your friends.

Looking for a special gift? 


You can treat your friends or family to the gift of a quiet mind, with our Mindful Surrey vouchers. They make an unusual present, and come with a bonus guided meditation on MP3. You're welcome to come to a drop-in session to see what it's like before you decide to buy someone a voucher.


We can also record individual meditations specifically for you, focusing on any particular issue you might like help with, and we can also do these for children. Maybe with their favourite music in the background for a very special gift!