Mindfulness practice, meditate to relax


Mindfulness Practice

Guided meditations


Meditating is central to practising mindfulness and we'd like to offer you some free MP3 recordings of the core mindfulness practices. It can be helpful to listen to someone guide you when meditating, especially when you're new to meditation practice, struggling with intrusive thoughts or feeling particularly emotional. You can also find our meditations on Youtube.

Our guided meditations include:

- Mindfulness breathing exercises

- Meditations for relaxation

- Self compassion practices

- Mindfulness meditation for sleep.

Mindfulness techniques and meditations for parents and children can be found in our Parents page.


You can also find links to meditations from Jon Kabat Zinn, Mark Williams and Tara Brach.

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Mindful Surrey mindfulness meditations Soundcloud

Meditations on YouTube and Soundcloud

We have mindfulness YouTube and Soundcloud channels, to which we add new recordings every so often. Here you'll find our guided mindfulness meditations, similar to those used in mindfulness MBSR courses. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for new uploads. You can also find these meditations on our Meditations page.

Do share links to any of these free MP3s with your friends.

Mindfulness reading and poetry


There's an abundance of resources if you like reading about mindfulness and we recommend some favourite books. You can explore simple mindfulness techniques to help you relax.


We like to use poetry as part of our classes and retreat days. People often ask for copies of mindfulness poems, especially the self-compassion poetry, so we've included some of the most popular ones. Let us know of any favourite poem so we can add it to our collection, particularly if it has a theme of self compassion.

Personalised guided meditations


We can record individual meditations specifically for you as an MP3, focusing on any particular issue, and we can also do these for children. Maybe with favourite music in the background for a very special gift!

Just breathe, Meditation for sleep

Just breathe...