Mindfulness in Surrey Schools 

Having worked in a variety of schools for many years, (mindfulness and drama), Catherine has taught children from a range of backgrounds and of all ages. She's enjoyed teaching the MiSP '.b' and '.breathe' courses since 2017, and has also taught KS2 and led workshops for parents and children together. For information about our exciting new school holiday courses in Dorking, Surrey, please go to the bottom of this page.

School Programmes

Our youth mindfulness programmes can be delivered in various ways to suit you. Catherine has an enhanced DBS certificate but we expect a member of staff to be present during sessions with students.


All of our classes can be taught as live, online sessions - it's something Catherine gained experience in when teaching during lockdown in 2020, helping teenagers use mindfulness techniques with difficulties they were facing.


Secondary schools

The MiSP .b mindfulness course is usually between six and ten sessions, lasting around an hour each.

9 - 14 year-olds

The .breathe programme is four sessions of around 30 minutes each, and is aimed at 9-14 year olds. We are currently offering this course with drama lessons that complement the themes of the mindfulness sessions, so as to enhance the learning in a fun, practical way.

Other activities

Our single sessions (full or half day) are available for a range of age groups. Here students will learn simple practices to help them through difficult moments. We also offer a course for KS2, made up of six 30-minute classes, where we explore mindfulness through drama and craft activities. 

Mindfulness for staff

We focus on stress reduction, looking after ourselves and finding inner stability in the midst of change. Catherine's experience in mainstream education means she understands the challenges faced by those who work in school. Sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of staff, in order to make a difference to both their professional and personal lives.

Costs are negotiable but our guide price is £60 per hour. 

“We're so lucky to have this available to us in our working day. I find it truly relaxing and a pause button on the pressures of life. Catherine guides you through the experience with such skill and expertise, you leave floating”.

Head of Operations, Woldingham School


MiSP .b course for 11-8 year olds, surrey

The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) .b course


The .b course is a 9-lesson mindfulness programme designed for teenagers by teachers. In 2017 Catherine trained with MiSP and started teaching the programme to students at Woldingham School, Surrey, where it's been part of the curriculum ever since. 

What do you cover?

Each week we explore one aspect of mindfulness, using the MiSP course material. The course also includes:

- Animations and short exercises to relieve stress and anxiety

- Training our attention

- Dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions

- Appreciating the good in our lives

- Kindness towards ourselves and others.

Mindfulness can help teenagers deal with bullying, exam pressure, sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression. At a time when young people are facing such uncertainty about their futures, it's more important than ever that they have a toolbox of strategies they can call upon. 

.b stands for ‘stop and be’

Click to find out more about the MiSP programmes and research evidence to support the benefits in mindfulness training for young people.

What do teachers and students say about our classes?

The sessions provide a moment of calm and reflection during a hectic day. I do actually think they help me get through Monday. You also seem like a reflective and responsive teacher.”  -  SEND teacher

“It's nice to have time out during the day to relax.”  -  Year 11 student

“Before an exam, focusing on my breathing helps me with stress.”  -  A-Level student

“It makes me concentrate more in lessons because when my mind wanders, I can bring it back.”  -  Year 11 student

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MiSP, Trained .b mindfuness teacher

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