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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course section

Courses for anxiety,
stress and depression

Calm, sunny morning, River Wey, Surrey

Mindfulness stress reduction course (MBSR)

This short course is ideal for anyone who would like to explore mindfulness but does not have the time to commit to a longer course. If you're able, you're welcome to also attend the online Tuesday morning drop-in sessions, for the duration of the course, for no extra cost.

In-person Course

Taylor Place Studio, Dorking, Surrey

Saturdays, 9.30-11.30am


September 28 - November 30, 2024

Retreat day: Sunday, November 17
10am - 3pm


What you get


22-30 hours of teaching.

 Orientation session, 8 classes, retreat day, handbook, MP3s of guided meditations,
optional extra online drop-in sessions,
email or phone support between sessions.


We offer a limited number of places at
a reduced rate for those on low incomes.
Please get in touch to learn more. 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction helps you respond to challenges more effectively. Mindfulness meditation and other skills you learn in the MBSR course can help you build resilience and increase your sense of wellbeing. To learn more about what mindfulness actually is, visit our What is Mindfulness? page.


We teach the MBSR Jon Kabat-Zinn course, the gold-standard course that offers secular mindfulness training. You'll use guided meditations and other mindfulness exercises to learn how to bring awareness to all aspects of your life, not just how to relax. It's a lot more than simply how to stop thinking or how to be happier.


MBSR weekly course content

Week 1:  

Introduction to mindfulness meditation.
Body Scan meditation,
Mindful Eating.

Week 2: 
Learn how to stop overthinking and deal with obsessive thoughts.
How to relax your mind.

Week 3: 
Mindful movement.
How to stay calm by using movement.

Week 4: 
How you react to stress and anxiety.
How to calm yourself down.
How to reduce anxiety.

Week 5: 
Intrusive thoughts and overthinking.
Breathing exercises for panic attacks. 

Week 6: 
Communication and relationships.
Coping with emotions such as fear,
grief and sadness.
Anger issues and how to control anger. 

Retreat Day
A time of quiet reflection, guided meditations
and extended mindfulness practice. 

Week 7: 
Lifestyle choices - how you care for yourself, compulsive behaviours.
Exploring habits - how to do more of the habits that are nurturing and cut down on those that aren't. 

Week 8:
How to find happiness by developing an attitude of gratitude.
How to be happy with yourself or when alone.
How to be happy in life.

Benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation

Our MBSR stress reduction course
can help you with:

- Anxious feelings, stress
and depression

- Sleep problems

- Intrusive and obsessive thoughts (OCD)

- Anger issues

- Physical pain and illness

- Compulsive behaviours such as
binge eating

Through mindfulness training,
you develop skills to: 

- Calm anxiety

- Stop overthinking

- Treat panic attacks

- Be happier and more relaxed

- Increase confidence and

Hear from Catherine - why meditate?

"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,
live in the moment,
live in the breath."

One to one sessions

One-to-one or private group sessions

For more personal sessions, the one-to-one or small group experiences may be for you. We're happy to tailor mindfulness training for your needs. Small group sessions are available online, and in-person around Reigate, Redhill and Dorking, Surrey, or further afield.


One-to-one coaching can be helpful if you're struggling with a major issue, such as bereavement or OCD intrusive thoughts. Mindfulness training helps you deal with unwanted thoughts and overthinking. Developing your ability to be kind and caring to yourself, as well as to others, is at the heart of our approach to mindfulness training. 

We offer the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course for individuals or a small private group. Dates can be arranged at a time to suit you, and are usually weekly, 80 minute sessions for an online course, and 90 minute classes for an in-person course.

Catherine has delivered one-to-one coaching to children, teenagers and adults for many years. These can be taken on a session-by-session basis, in Brockham or online through Zoom, and usually on a Tuesday afternoon.

One-to one or private group cost:


Online, one person - £800

Online, two people - £1,300

In-person, one person - £900

In-person, two people - £1,500

One-off sessions for individuals cost £70 per hour for online, and from £80 for in-person.

The in-person costs are for classes in Brockham, near Dorking. Please contact us to discuss costs for a private group of more than two people, or if you would like sessions in your own home.

Surrey sunrise, rs_AM.jpg
Introduction to mindfulness course

Introduction to mindfulness course

Get in touch to ask about our next introduction course

£45 for 3 sessions

Includes 3 optional, online drop-ins 

(6 - 9 hours of teaching)

Weekly course content


Week 1:
Introduction to what mindfulness meditation actually is.
Mindful Eating and Body Scan meditations.

Week 2:
Techniques to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and also to help with insomnia.
Mindful movement (simple Yoga-style movements).

Week 3:
Strategies to deal with difficult thoughts and over-thinking.
Also how to be kinder to ourselves. 


"I am learning to label my thoughts, to relax, to be objective. I feel the course is excellent and I really look forward to the sessions."

Jane, Art teacher

"I'm quite a seasoned meditator and have been telling friends that this (MBSR) the best course I've ever done. I wish I'd done something like this many years ago!" 

Dione, course participant

Directions to our Surrey venues

Taylor Place

1-22 London Rd,

Dorking RH4 1GS

Reigate Park Church

St John's Community Centre

Zoom meditation and mindfulness classes

Mindfulness training is very suitable for online learning via Zoom classes and Catherine is trained to teach MBSR online. No technical expertise is necessary and we're happy to help if you're new to Zoom. You can also connect with your phone.

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