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Mindfulness benefits

Reviews and feedback from Mindful Surrey participants

In addition to the testimonials below, you can also visit Coursecheck to read more feedback from past participants; in particular, how mindfulness training has helped them manage stress, anxiety and depression. One of the benefits from learning mindfulness in a group is discovering how many concerns we share. 

All Mindful Surrey courses are currently run by Catherine Nasskau, MBSR teacher. 

Quotes, Mindful Surrey reviews

Mindfulness meditation course feedback


Reviews from MBSR participants

The course helped me tremendously with my OCD unwanted thoughts, ruminating etc. Thank you so much.

Julian F


The course was a great learning experience. Catherine was wonderful. I feel so much more aware now and have the mental tools to help me through potentially stressful situations.

Sarah P


Accessing the meditation tracks was super easy. I really like that they are by Catherine as we got to know her voice very well: it felt very reassuring. The retreat day was also a lovely experience, and definitely worth making the time for. Catherine herself is a very gentle and considered teacher. You feel she always has time for you, and will take extra one-to-one time with you at the end of a session if you have a personal need. The course handbook was very useful.

Julie D


The course was very good and practical, with the meditations being of a sensible length and not too long. Definitely feel a difference after 8 weeks.

Dee H

This was an absolutely outstanding course that has enabled me to train my mind to overcome any obstacle! Catherine is a wonderful teacher. She kept the content highly engaging through using visualisations, meditations, poems, stories and group discussions. The resource pack was really educational too. I am reaping the benefits of the course and hope to practice my new skills of presence, reflection and gratitude for the rest of my life. I can highly recommend it.

Cher P


Catherine is a fantastic guide if you want to learn mindfulness. Her exercises, meditation and practices helped me learn more about me and how to be kind with myself. I also learned that I worry and feel anxiety for things that probably will never happen, and that my mind just creates its own stories based on fear. The course helped me to apply techniques to reduce stress. A massive thank you. 



When things get tricky and I get overwhelmed by painful emotions, there's always the knowledge that they will pass and I don't have to identify with every thought. This really has been a game changer - life seems to flow much easier as I'm not so caught up in the past or worries about the future.  Heike E

Thank you so much for providing an open space to explore mindfulness without judgement or preconception. I felt very welcomed and valued by Catherine.

I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed the course and how much value I have got from it. Your approach is spot on, it’s so practical and sensible. It has helped in lots of ways, some surprising.  Liz H

The mindfulness course was very well run and has been life-changing. I wish I'd done it years ago.  Catherine H

I just want to say a HUGE thanks to you. You've helped me so much with my anxiety. I'm able to do so many things that I wouldn’t have done before. My life is SO much easier, it’s unbelievable.  Charlie L

I'm quite a seasoned meditator and have been telling friends that this (MBSR) is the best course I’ve ever done, and  that I wish I’d done something like this many years ago!

I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the course. I learnt to cope better with stress, to develop a non-judgemental attitude and to be kinder to myself and to people around me.  Hannah K

Catherine is open and approachable and shows a genuine desire to help others. I have benefited greatly from the course and continue to practise daily. Mark L

I have discovered my breath as the most powerful tool throughout the day and I sleep much better at night.

The MBSR course changed my way of thinking and reacting. I became less judgemental of myself and others. I highly recommend Catherine's courses.


From Dorking Minds


"Catherine recently ran a taster session for Dorking Minds and we had excellent feedback from participants. Her calm, soothing voice and level of knowledge and expertise in this area leaves you feeling relaxed and very much in safe hands."

Sally Elias, Dorking Minds founder

Quotes, Mindful Surrey reviews

Feedback from school teachers,
staff and students

I'm learning to label my thoughts, to relax, to be objective. I'd like to explore more. I feel the course is excellent and I really look forward to the sessions.    Jane, Art teacher

A really great introductory set of mindfulness sessions. I immediately felt relaxed and after a few sessions was able to put into practice some of the techniques covered. I've even used train journeys or gaps in rehearsals to practise.  John, teacher and musician

The sessions provide a moment of calm and reflection during a hectic day.  Toni, SEND teacher

Catherine was very knowledgeable, supportive and a very good teacher. I really enjoyed the 8-week MBSR course and feel it has developed my mindfulness practice and given me more 'tools' for my box.   Matt, Psychotherapist

Before an exam, focusing on my breathing helps me with stress.   

A Level student

It helps me concentrate more in lessons because when my mind wanders, I can bring it back.    Year 11 student

Find out about our mindfulness education courses and events for staff and students.

Quotes, Mindful Surrey reviews

Further testimonials and meditation reviews

I count my blessings every day and have included this in my daily meditation practice. Gratitude really seems to help with habitual negativity and catastrophising.

A really interesting course - that builds up over the weeks to really make you think about the way you think. I'd highly recommend it. Catherine is a great tutor.

Victoria G


I found the course very insightful and valued the opportunity to take time out for myself. Mary L


I uncovered a new depth in my understanding of mindfulness through this course and I'm keen to carry on partaking in sessions that Catherine has to offer.  Tina C, Psychologist


The preparation, structure, material used and presentation were exceptional.  Liz B


An excellent course. A good start to making mindfulness and meditation part of my daily life. Excellent tutor.

Practising mindfulness at home with Catherine's online guidance provides a useful stepping stone to practising mindfulness alone. Carolyn M

I'm so pleased I did the course and especially at this time. Leila G

The course is so well put together  – taking us through the basics while reminding us to be kind to ourselves.  Dione H

A well thought-out and well run course, with a great teacher. Putting the mindfulness techniques into practice has really helped me in daily life.  Charlotte 

I have been learning to take time out and not feel guilty. I'm getting better sleep than before the course. June

Catherine has led the class in a positive, relaxed manner without pressure. Allowing students to open up when they felt ready to do so in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.   Mrs J

A fantastic course! Good to have reference material to refer back to in the future as well.

Catherine is so good – really clear tuition, very optimistic and inspiring.

Excellent course, good teaching and excellent notes provided.  Karin

It was a great course - excellent material, well put together and sensitively facilitated. Lots of great exercises to help cope in times of stress. Sanji

It's nice to have time out during the day to relax.   Year 11 student

I'm learning to manage difficult situations in a better way by meditative practice. Course literature is excellent.  Christine

I do think the lunchtime sessions help me get through Mondays! Special Needs teacher

Hearing from you


If you've feedback to share, don't hesitate to contact Mindful Surrey - we're always pleased to hear from you. We welcome all suggestions to help us improve our courses and teaching.

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