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Free mindfulness taster

Free mindfulness tasters

Next free online tasters

May 14, 21 - 9.15-10.30am

Contact us to reserve a space
as numbers are limited. 

Catherine Nasskau, Mindful Surrey teacher, preparing for a mindfulness class

A taster session lets you find out what mindfulness actually is and see how it might be of benefit to you. In the taster you'll practise a simple mindful meditation and find out about the 8-week MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and the 3-week Introduction course both offered in Dorking, Surrey and as live, online classes, and the online drop-in sessions.

Online tasters also let you see what a Zoom meditation class is like.

Weekly drop-in sessions

Weekly drop-in sessions - online 

Bench with views over Newlands Corner, Surrey on a sunny summer's day

Tuesdays, 9.30am

£60 for two months,
come when you like.

Free trial session

The weekly meditation group drop-in sessions are designed for anyone new to mindfulness meditation, as well as those with more experience. (The monthly Thursday meditation group is for MBSR or MBCT/MSC graduates only).


Each session includes mindfulness exercises and meditation practices, and has a different focus; this could be exploring what it means to be present, or an attitude like self-compassion. We also focus on specific issues such as how to relax, how to treat panic attacks, how to control anger outbursts, deal with intrusive thoughts, manage  sleep difficulties, or simply how to be happy. In sessions you can explore different ways of relating to your thoughts and emotions, and how to stay calm in the midst of difficulties.

If you do not have time to do the MBSR course, these short sessions are a good way to start learning how to do mindfulness practice. They also offer you time to yourself, to connect with others, or just to relax.


"I learnt to cope better with stress, to develop a non-judgmental attitude and to be kinder to myself and people around me."

Hannah K

"Sleeping better than I have done for 20 years. Calmer and more. content. Focusing more easily on difficult, unpleasant tasks."


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