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 Enhance your Business
with Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the foundation for productive teams.

It can transform the performance of employees and their businesses.

“The business case for meditation is that

if you’re fully present on the job,

you will be more effective as a leader,

you will make better decisions

and you will work better with other people.”

MBSR has been taught to hundreds of thousands of people since the 1970s, and has been found to have a positive impact on attentionexecutive functioningstressADHDlife satisfactionchronic painanxietyburnout, and depression.

Bespoke Courses
for Every Team

  • Leadership & Management course

  • Team Productivity course

  • Single and multi-day sessions

  • Wellbeing days

  • 8-week professional programme

  • In-person or online

  • Group or 1-to-1 sessions


Tailored for your specific organisational needs, all courses include guided meditations, introductory exercises, and instructor-led discussions.

We can help your team develop the ability to effortlessly drop into flow, disengage from inner chatter, and handle stress with ease.

Email or get in touch to discuss pricing and how mindfulness can unlock the best of your workforce.

The Value of Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness helps employees:

  • Stay calm in stressful situations

  • Manage emotions and impulses

  • Cultivate resilience​

  • Enhance listening skills and leadership

  • Increase staff satisfaction and engagement

  • Improve focus, memory, and learning skills

Effective employees help your business:

  • Increase productivity

  • Boost innovation and creativity

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Improve employee retention and absenteeism

  • Build relationships with new stakeholders

  • Nurture a happier and more productive team

Our Training
All online or in-person


Full or half day session to improve team productivity.

Access to session resources and recorded meditations.

Group session

3-5 hours


One day session to raise leadership performance.

Access to Mindful

Leadership Toolkit.

Group session

3-5 hours

Discover what mindfulness is and how it can help people at work. 

Practise simple meditations to improve concentration

and reduce stress.

Group session

1 hour


MBSR for Teams

8-week MBSR course to help employees thrive at work.

Lifetime access to session resources and recorded meditations.

Group sessions

90 minutes weekly, 8 weeks

15 mins daily practice


MBSR is the Mindfulness-Based

Stress Reduction course

MBSR for Leaders

8-week course based on MBSR,

designed for leaders.

Previous participants from PayPal and others.

Personalised Mindful

Leadership Strategy.

1 hour weekly, 8 weeks

15 mins daily practice encouraged

MBSR is the Mindfulness-Based

Stress Reduction course



1 hour sessions covering a range of mindfulness skills.

Each session designed around your individual needs.

Personalised Mindfulness Leadership Toolkit.

What You’ll Come Away With


Techniques to help you focus throughout the day


Skills to deal with stress and challenges


Ability to apply mindfulness in the moments that matter most


Mastery of foundational meditation practices


Toolkit document and confidence to own your future development


Lifetime access to session resources and recordings

Mindfulness as Part of Your HR Toolkit

"Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us

happier and healthier.

They’re a proven competitive advantage

for any business that wants one.


Arianna Huffington

When employees feel overloaded, knowing their manager is working to help them cope can nurture a more committed and happier workforce.

Mindfulness in business is increasingly common as leaders become more aware of mindfulness' ability to support top performers and reduce workplace inefficiency. Companies from Goldman Sachs to Google use mindfulness at work to increase productivity and improve wellbeing


We've worked with some of the best companies across every industry bringing the benefits of mindfulness to their own employees.

Hear From a Client

"As part of events that Boston Scientific hosted to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, Catherine delivered an introduction to mindfulness and guided meditation to our site. She is fantastic and her exercises to guide you through mindfulness were thought-provoking and presented in a way that was easy to understand.

I learned how to be present and how to practise mindfulness, gratitude, and meditation to overcome stress and anxiety.

The feedback from all who attended the session was very positive."

Nardos Kenbata

Senior Health & Safety Specialist



The cost of training varies according to the number and length of sessions, online or in-person, the location, and whether they are for groups or 1-to-1.

All sessions include follow-up advice at no extra cost.

As a guide:

Introduction group session, 1 hour, online — £160

1 day Team Productivity event, in-person — £800

MBSR course, 8 sessions, 1-to-1, online — £1,500

Grant-funded prices are available to non-profit and public sector organisations. 

Please get in touch to learn more, check availability and book a mindfulness event for your team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mindful Surrey UK is a charity whose mission is to support people of all ages with their mental health, regardless of their financial situation. Many people cannot afford private mental health care and the waiting lists for free support are extremely long. Profit from our corporate work is used to subsidise sessions for people on low incomes, and means that your company is having a beneficial effect on society.


By using Mindful Surrey to provide training, besides supporting your staff and boosting productivity, you are also helping disadvantaged people and fulfilling your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We are a registered UK charity so costs can be tax-deductible.

Companies We Have Worked With


"Meditation has been the single most important reason

for whatever success I’ve had.

It helps slow things down so I can act calmly,

even in the face of chaos."

Ray Dalio

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