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Questions about mindfulness,


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and stress reduction

What does the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) involve?

The MBSR course is designed to help you bring mindfulness practices and mindful awareness into your daily life. You'll be given a course booklet with worksheets and summaries of the ideas discussed. Between sessions, you're encouraged to practise the basic meditations you've learnt for about 30 minutes a day. It might seem like a big commitment, but it's the best way to get lasting value from the course. Visit our stress reduction courses page to read more about MBSR and its benefits.


Can mindfulness help me manage stress?

Our classes aim to help you take better care of yourself and to get more from your daily life. Participants often see results after just a few weeks of training, but it's important to note that mindfulness is not a quick fix. It takes considerable patience, time and care to develop the right conditions for change to take place. 

What do I need for an online Zoom class?

We suggest being in a quiet room  where you won't be disturbed. If you need to leave the room for any reason, you can always turn off your camera and sound. Please be aware that children or anyone else who comes into view in your room will be seen by others. For some sessions you'll be invited to lie down - you can do this on a sofa, bed or mat. The main thing you need is a PC, laptop or iPad. The classes can be delivered through a phone, but for a Zoom class, a larger screen is preferable. 

Do I need to be physically fit to participate?

No, not at all. People of all ages, many with severe health issues and limitations, practise mindfulness. What's important is to find a position that works for you, whether it's sitting or lying down.


I can't make all the course dates. Can I still attend?

We know it can be difficult to attend every session of a course but we'd recommend that you try not to miss more than one. If you're unable to make a session, including the retreat day, you're welcome to attend that session in a future course. You also have the option to switch between daytime and evening classes if you're unable to attend at your usual time. If you miss a Zoom class, it can be recorded for you to watch at a later date, if the other participants agree to this.

Is a mindfulness course suitable for my current circumstances?

Our courses are designed to help people manage stress more effectively, increase their sense of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and improve their wellbeing. We ask participants to complete a short, confidential questionnaire and attend an orientation session before starting a course. If you'd like to discuss your circumstances, please don't hesitate to email Mindful Surrey.

What do you offer once my MBSR course has finished?

We're committed to offering ongoing support. When you finish your MBSR, you'll be able to book regular or occasional mindfulness practice sessions for ongoing support. Our silent retreat days and weekly drop-in sessions are open to all experienced meditators, if you have taken any 8-week MBSR, MBCT or MSC course, even if you didn't do your MBSR with Mindful Surrey. You can find more information about this on the Meditators with Experience page.

What is Catherine Nasskau's background?

You can learn more about Catherine in the About Mindful Surrey page.

If you have any other questions about meditation or mindfulness based stress reduction, please get in touch. You might also like to read more about what mindfulness means; or to hear about benefits of mindfulness training from people who've taken our classes in their reviews.