Silent retreat, Surrey trees

Meditators, MBCT, MBSR, MSC graduates

Meditation practice group

We are pleased to provide opportunities for anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation to share ideas and meditate together. We run online mindfulness meditation practice groups, with sessions every Tuesday morning and the first Thursday of each month. Participants pay for a two month period, and come when they like to sessions. At the present time, all drop-in sessions are run as Zoom classes.

Next sessions: June 9, July 7, Aug 4, Sept 1



Who can come


Our Thursday meditation practice group is for experienced meditators only. We welcome MBSR, MBCT or MSC course graduates - whether you've done the MBSR/MBCT/MSC courses with us or elsewhere. If you're an experienced meditator but have not taken any of these course, please get in touch.

What happens in the sessions


Each session has a different theme and includes a variety of practices. We tailor the sessions according to what people would like to focus on, and explore ideas covered in the MBSR, MBCT and Self Compassion courses. We are currently exploring self compassion mindfulness - something that helps with so many situations and experiences. The meditations are guided and include periods for silent meditation. If you're looking for some Thursday mindfulness and relaxation, or would maybe like to refresh your meditation practice, do come along for a free trial to see what it's like.

We welcome beginners as well as meditators with experience in the Tuesday mindfulness group sessions; so guided meditations on Tuesdays sometimes offer fewer opportunities for silent meditation.

Thursdays, 6.45-7.45pm -  MBSR/MBCT/MSC graduates only

First Thursday of each month

Tuesdays, 9.30-10.30am - open to all


£30 / £20* for monthly Thursday sessions, 4 months

£60 / £40* for weekly Tuesday sessions, 2 months

£130 / £100* for all sessions, 4 months

Come when you like, start any time

First session free

*   Concessions

Mindfulness retreat, Surrey wheat field

MBSR meditation silent retreat days

Meditation silent retreat days can give you a restorative escape from the busyness of daily life, and an opportunity to refresh your mindfulness practice. We run in-person retreats in Surrey and also online retreats, all from 1-6pm.

Sat, March 19: Online

Sun, March 22: Dorking

Sat, June 25: Online

Sat, Nov 26: Online

Sun, Nov 27: Dorking

You're welcome to join us and be part of a small meditation group for a day.


Cost: £30 for in-person, £25 for online.

Discounts available for those with financial concerns.

Ongoing Support

If you've taken an MBSR, MBCT or MSC course, you're welcome to come along to any session in our current MBSR courses on a drop-in basis. Cost £10. Just let us know if you'd like to come.


Current courses are Tuesday evenings online and Saturday mornings in-person in Dorking, Surrey.

See Courses, Drop-ins page for dates.

Mindfulness Blog

How does mindfulness impact your daily life? How do you keep your practice alive? We'd love to hear from you.

Visit Catherine's Mindfulness blog - 'This is It!' and share any comments, follow our Mindful Surrey Instagram, or visit the Mindful Surrey Facebook page. It's great to connect online with others who practise mindfulness, especially if you're unable to attend any classes or meditation retreat days in-person, (in Dorking, Surrey). It's fortunate that mindfulness meditation groups work so well via Zoom classes!