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Mindfulness as part of your HR toolkit

Mindfulness is a simple and powerful practice

of training our attention.

It can be very valuable to businesses and their employees.

Employee training we offer

- Introduction sessions

- Wellbeing days

- One-to-one or group sessions

- Bespoke courses, run over a few days, weeks or months.

Training includes guided meditations, exercises and discussions.

It can be delivered live, online or in-person.

All sessions are designed for your specific employee training and development needs. 

Give us a call to discuss how we might empower your team

and unlock the best of your workforce.

Benefits of mindfulness in business

Mindfulness helps individuals:

- Stay calm in stressful situations

- Manage emotions and impulses


- Cultivate resilience​

- Improve focus, memory and learning skills

Enhance listening skills, relationships and


- Increase job satisfaction and employee


These effective individuals help businesses:

- Increase productivity

- Boost innovation and creativity

- Enhance customer satisfaction

- Improve employee retention and absenteeism

- Nurture a happy and more productive team

Mindfulness in business

"The main business case for meditation is that

if you’re fully present on the job,

you will be more effective as a leader,

you will make better decisions

and you will work better with other people.

"Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us

happier and healthier,

they’re a proven competitive advantage

for any business that wants one.

Mindfulness in business is increasingly common as managers become more aware of the ability of mindful practice to help with performance management, workplace inefficiency, overload or burnout. Companies who use mindfulness practices to increase productivity and improve mental wellbeing include Google, Nike, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft. 


When employees feel overloaded, knowing their manager is taking steps to help them cope (whether through staff skills training or employee wellbeing days), can lead to a more committed and happier workforce.


Health and wellbeing in the workplace, particularly mental wellbeing, can make a great difference to employee relations and increase productivity.

Companies we have worked with

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Nestle using Mindfulness
Surrey Police Mindfulness
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