• Catherine Nasskau

Too busy to be mindful?

Updated: May 10, 2020

A participant asked this week if it was possible to do fast and vigorous exercise mindfully. We felt we could; clearly not noticing the details of every muscle and bone moving, but even when running fast one can still be in the present moment - hearing our arms moving, noticing sensations on our skin and so on.

I then had a very full and busy day ahead with a great long list of things to do. I wondered if I could I still be mindful and in 'being' mode, even when I was 'doing' a lot.

My conclusion is yes, but it takes more focus and does depend on what I am doing. When it is something physical that does not need much thought, like ironing or cooking, I can focus on what I can see, feel and smell etc even if I am being fast. But when I am doing something that requires more thought, it is much easier to get lost in the doing. I need reminders around me - like my online passwords that remind me to stop, to pause, to breathe. I am sure I am more productively busy when I am mindful, forgiving and gentle with my 'busyness'.

And even if I get caught up in activity, at least I can make the most of moments in between tasks. The 3SBS (3 step breathing space) meditation and other mini ones are great for some quick grounding in the middle of a busy day, or even speedy mindful walking as one goes from one place to another. On that note, I will take a few breaths before uploading a picture!

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