• Catherine Nasskau

Mindful Eating

Updated: May 19, 2020

My old friend, the raisin

In an Introduction to Mindfulness class I led last week, we included a Mindful Eating exercise, focusing on eating a raisin - savouring its colours, shape, texture, smell and taste. When we explore a raisin, eating it very slowly, we can notice how it changes and we are often surprised. How can there be so much to appreciate and notice in something so 'simple' as a raisin? This exercise can show us that, when we take a moment to stop and absorb the present, we can find beauty and wonder in the most unlikely places.

Discussing the experience afterwards, someone who was new to meditation said he felt sad when he finally swallowed the raisin, as if saying goodbye to an old friend. I was struck by this. With just a little focus, one can quickly create fondness and connection with even the most ordinary of things that we so often take for granted in our busy lives. May you find some new 'friends' today!

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