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Discovering a logo

Updated: May 10, 2020

An interesting experience looking for a logo. How to sum up in one simple shape what is important to me with Mindfulness in Surrey? Last week I felt rather inspired doodling in rehearsals for 'Messiah' that I am about to perform, (only while the men were rehearsing and I was listening, in case my choirmaster is reading!). But the next day, without Handel in the background, my Surrey oak trees and swirly Celtic signs were just not quite right. Then I came across a symbol for gratitude. I felt myself breathing deeply with a sense of calm. One can so easily get caught up wanting more of anything and for things to be different. And yet one can also always find things to be grateful for. Also, the shape of the circle reminds me how things arise, stay a while and then go, just like our thoughts and feelings. But mostly I chose this sign for its message of gratitude, shining through my website and out into the world.

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