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Relieve stress and anxiety
Enjoy a calmer, happier life

Welcome to Mindful Surrey
We run mindfulness meditation classes,
for individuals, schools and businesses,
online and in-person,
to help with all aspects of your mental health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

In our mindfulness based stress reduction classes

you'll learn how to meditate and effective ways to

- Relieve stress

- Reduce anxiety

- Stop overthinking

- Deal with sleep problems

- Cope when feeling depressed or angry

- Manage behaviours such as binge eating

- Develop wellbeing and resilience, and feel happier.

Mindfulness training teaches us how to manage anxiety and stress, as well as how to be happier and calmer.

We often miss present delights or make our difficulties harder when we become consumed with thoughts about the past or future.

By letting go of our churning thoughts,

we can find calm in the midst of life's challenges, and respond more effectively.

Upcoming Events

Aug 2, 9, 23

Online    09.15

Oct 4 - Dec 6

Tuesdays    19.00


Nov  5, 12, 19

Saturdays   09.30



Benefits of mindfulness meditation
Relaxation meditation, calm lake
Mindfulness meditation Mindful Surrey
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From 'Dorking Minds'

"I would highly recommend this organisation and Catherine Nasskau in particular if you want to learn more about mindfulness meditation and especially if you are looking to start your own meditation practice."

Sally Elias, Dorking Minds founder

To hear more comments about the benefits of our meditation and MBSR courses, you can read Mindful Surrey testimonials or visit Coursecheck.

Meditation in Dorking, Surrey

Old Pixham School

Our lovely meditation centre in Dorking, Surrey,

Meditation in Dorking, Surrey

Discounts for people on low incomes

As part of our commitment to making mindfulness training available to all,

we can offer discounts and some free places to people on low incomes. 

'This Is It'

'This is It' is Catherine's blog where she shares how mindfulness helps in her everyday life in Surrey, particularly in difficult times.

She offers mindfulness tips for quick ways to stay calm and be happier, with suggestions and meditations for children, teens and adults. These meditation tips can help with common challenges of life, such as relationships, intrusive thoughts and insomnia. 

She also shares free guided mindfulness meditations, such as breathing exercises for anxiety and depression, and others from the MBSR course.

Catherine Nasskau Mindfulness Teacher
Surfing waves to help addictive behaviour
"You can't stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf."
Jon Kabat Zinn

If you'd like to discuss your personal situation, please get in touch to book a free 15-minute phone consultation or an online taster session.