Mindfulness training

to help you reduce stress and anxiety,

and enjoy life more

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Next 8-week courses start in October - online and also in-person!


   Full Covid safety precautions followed for in-person course

Welcome to Mindful Surrey 

We run mindfulness meditation courses in Surrey for people of all ages. In our classes people can learn effective ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and to generally feel more at peace and happier. For those with busy and hectic lives, the sessions can provide some quiet, reflective time to yourself; and for people living alone, the small, friendly groups can offer a welcome sense of community and support.


Our classes are currently delivered online via Zoom, as well as face-to-face classes in Dorking, Surrey. In addition to the 8-week mindfulness meditation course, we offer weekly online drop-in sessions for people to practise simple meditations together and consider how a mindful awareness can make a difference to our lives.  Participants are finding mindfulness meditations and the ideas we explore particularly useful at the current time given the many uncertainties we are all facing.


Our classes are run by Catherine Nasskau, a qualified mindfulness teacher who has worked with people of all ages for many years, and who is also trained to teach mindfulness as live online classes. To get a sense of what a mindfulness meditation actually is, do visit our Resources page, the Mindful Surrey YouTube channel or Catherine's blog.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Mindful Surrey website to find out more about mindfulness and to see if there are any classes or courses that you might like to participate in.  Do get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss.

"My anxiety is so much better and I never thought it would be. It has been a miracle for me to not feel anxious all the time."  Charlie L

"Catherine's weekly online drop-in sessions are like coming to a calm oasis in these stressful times." Angela W

Mindfulness meditation 

Courses such as the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) can help us learn to respond to challenges more effectively. The combination of mindfulness and compassion helps us live with greater ease, dealing skilfully with difficulties as they occur. 

After completing a mindfulness course, people say they have been helped to 

     - cope better with difficult thoughts or emotions

     - feel calmer and enjoy life more

     - be kinder towards themselves and others.

"You can't stop the waves,

but you can learn to surf."

  Jon Kabat-Zinn      

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