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Mindfulness Meditation

Reduce Anxiety and Stress
To Be Happier and Calmer

Mindful Surrey run mindfulness meditation classes in Surrey and online. In the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course you can learn how to relieve anxiety, stress and depression, and find greater joy and satisfaction in life. We offer discounts and free support to people on low incomes. Get in touch to find out other benefits of meditation or book a free mindfulness taster. 

Free Mindfulness Meditation Taster

Aug 3rd, 9.30am, online

What Mindful Surrey offers


- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses - 8-week MBSR, online and in-person in Dorking, Surrey.

- Introduction to mindfulness courses  - Zoom classes

- Mindfulness practice group  -  weekly drop-ins for MBSR/MBCT/MSC graduates

- Silent retreats 

- Meditation for children

- Mindfulness in Surrey schools

- Mindfulness at work

- One-to-one coaching (adults and children)

Anxiety panic attacks

Benefits of mindfulness meditation

In our mindfulness based stress reduction classes you'll learn meditation techniques and how to meditate. 

- How to relieve stress, stop overthinking, stay calm when feeling stressed out

- How to reduce social and health anxiety, tight throat and morning anxiety, panic attacks

- How to cope if feeling depressed or have clinical, severe or seasonal depression

- Deal with work stress

- Manage unwanted behaviours such as binge eating

- Feel happier, more contented and satisfied.

Relaxation meditation, calm lake

Meditation in Dorking, Surrey

From 'Dorking Minds'


"I would highly recommend this organisation and Catherine Nasskau in particular if you want to learn more about mindfulness meditation and especially if you are looking to start your own meditation practice."

Sally Elias, Dorking Minds founder

Old Pixham School - lovely meditation centre in Dorking, Surrey

Meditation in Dorking, Surrey

Free Mindfulness 

Meditation Surrey

We are very grateful to the National Lottery and Community Foundation for Surrey for a grant to support Surrey residents with their mental health. 

You can apply for a free place if you:

- live in Surrey and are on a low income

- would benefit from help with stress management, intrusive thoughts or chronic  depression

- and/or are over 65.

Please get in touch if you would like a confidential conversation about your circumstances or to apply for funded support.

In the website


We hope you enjoy exploring our site - you can find out more about Mindful Surrey and the benefits of meditation.

In Catherine's 'This is It' mindfulness blog she shares tips for how to handle stress, fear, over eating, plus simple meditations for children, and how to meditate when we're too busy.

We're happy to offer free guided mindfulness meditations. Relaxation Meditation includes breathing exercises for stress and anxiety. They can help in a variety of situations, not just if you're feeling anxious or depressed. 

To hear people's comments about the benefits of meditation and MBSR, look at our Mindful Surrey testimonials or visit Coursecheck.

Surfing waves to help addictive behaviour
"You can't stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf."
Jon Kabat Zinn