Testimonials and reviews of

Mindful Surrey classes

Adult course participants

"A fantastic course! Good to have reference material to refer back to in the future as well." 


"Practising mindfulness at home with Catherine's online guidance provides a useful stepping stone to practising mindfulness alone ." Carolyn M

"I'm so pleased I did the course and especially at this time." Leila G


"I  just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed the course and how much value I have got from it. Your approach is spot on, it’s so practical and sensible. It has helped in lots of ways, some surprising. "   Liz H

"The course was very well run and has been life-changing. I wish I had done it years ago."  Catherine H



"I just want to say a HUGE HUGE thanks to you. You have helped me so much. I am able to do so many things that I wouldn’t have done before.  My life is SO much easier it’s unbelievable."  Charlie L


"I'm quite a seasoned meditator and have been telling friends that this (MBSR) is the best course I’ve ever done, and  that I wish I’d done something like this many years ago!"


"The course is so well put together  – taking us through the basics while reminding us to be kind to ourselves"  Dione H


"I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the course. I learnt to cope better with stress, to develop a non-judgemental attitude and to be kinder to myself and to people  around me. " Hannah K


"Catherine is an honest and dedicated teacher. There was an immediate sense of trust and care from the start. She is open and approachable and shows a genuine desire to help others. I have benefited greatly from the course and continue to practise daily."  Mark L


"A well thought-out and well run course, with a great teacher. Putting the mindfulness techniques into practice has really helped me in daily life."  Charlotte 


"I have been learning to take time out and not feel guilty. I am getting better sleep than before the course." June

"Catherine has led the class in a positive, relaxed manner without pressure. Allowing students to open up when they felt ready to do so in a calm, relaxed atmosphere."   Mrs J


"I am learning to manage difficult situations in a better way by meditative practice. Course literature is excellent."  Christine


“Catherine is so good – really clear tuition, very optimistic and inspiring.”

"Excellent course, good teaching and excellent notes provided."  Karin

All Mindful Surrey courses and workshops are currently run by Catherine Nasskau

School teachers, staff and students

"Catherine is great at getting us back on track to the present when we reveal problems and issues."


“I do actually think the sessions help me get through Monday. You also seem like a reflective and responsive teacher.”    Special Needs teacher


“I am learning to label my thoughts, to relax, to be objective. I would like to explore more. I feel the course is excellent and I really look forward to the sessions.”     Jane, Art teacher


"A really great introductory set of mindfulness sessions. I immediately felt relaxed and after a few sessions was able to put into practice some of the techniques covered. I've even used train journeys or gaps in rehearsals to practise."  John, teacher and musician


“The sessions provide a moment of calm and reflection during a hectic day.” 

Toni, SEND teacher

"Catherine was very knowledgeable, supportive and a very good teacher. I really enjoyed the 8-week MBSR course and feel it has developed my mindfulness practice and given me more 'tools' for my box."   Matt, Psychotherapist


"An excellent course - a good start to making mindfulness and meditation part of my daily life. Excellent tutor."

“It is nice to have time out during the day to relax.”    Year 11 student


“Before an exam, focusing on my breathing helps me with stress.” 

A Level student


“It makes me concentrate more in lessons because when my mind wanders, I can bring it back.”

Year 11 student

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