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If we just look

Updated: Mar 20

I was running an Introduction to Mindfulness event at Raven Housing Trust in Reigate recently, and as it was during the staff's lunchtime, I planned to include a meditation on mindful eating. The company had arranged a great array of food, from grapes to hummus to Brownies. By bringing just a little attention to what we are eating, we taste it so much more. One woman discovered she did not in fact like the biscuits she always thought she had, and another that a grape was really delicious. A third participant explored a simple glass of water. Although plain water can seem ordinary at first, there is a range of ever-changing patterns and colours. if one but takes that moment to explore. Holding a glass of water up to the light, literally, enables the viewer to see far more sparkles and patterns than one might expect. Ironically, when choosing a photo to go with this blog, I initially looked for an amazing picture. Then remembering my comment was about finding wonders in the everyday, I chose an ordinary one. Of course when I cropped it and zoomed in...…. it was no longer ordinary!

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